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What Is Joingy?

Welcome to Joingy, a random webcam chat app made to anonymously talk to strangers online. Choose between our text-only or 1-on-1 video chat roulette to instantly meet new people.

Chat With Strangers

After connecting, you’re automatically matched for a random cam chat with strangers. To protect privacy and anonymity, you and your partners show up as a “Stranger” to each other.

Add Your Interests

Explore our “Interests” feature by listing topics you’d like to talk about on Joingy. Add a couple of keywords, then we’ll pair you with people currently online who share your same interests.

Random Video Chat

Joingy’s free random chat community

Learn about our text-only and random webcam chat sections.

💬 Free Text Chat

Prefer to send messages without being on video? Enter the text-only section of Joingy. It’s a free and anonymous place for strangers to casually talk online. Enjoy a random text chat, where you can express yourself without a camera or microphone.

📹 Random Video Chat

Want to meet strangers face-to-face? Gear up with a mic and cam, and step into Joingy’s random video chat section. In a private 1-on-1 call, you and a stranger share your live webcam feeds and audio with each other. As the highlight of our free cam chat community, this is where the unpredictable happens.

Once you establish a video connection, your random webcam chat instantly begins. Ready for a new conversation? Simply press the “Leave Chat” button for a new stranger cam.

At Joingy, we urge you to prioritize safety during your online interactions. You’re in control. If you feel uncomfortable with a stranger, disconnect from the chat room.

Miscellaneous features

Discover a few of the available features that Joingy provides.

Video Chat Roulette

An endless webcam roulette of strangers for truly random 1-on-1 video chat experiences. Fast, fun, and spontaneous conversations.

Message Notifications

Don’t want to miss a message? Your web browser tab alerts you with a notification when strangers send new messages.

Mobile Chatting

Are you on a mobile device? Enable mic and camera permissions for an easy, smooth broadcast of your live video stream.

Worldwide Strangers

Meet random people from around the world. Check out the total strangers online at the top of the chat application.

Joingy’s live webcam roulette

Millions of 1-on-1 stranger cams connected for random video chat daily.

Joingy seeks to be a free cam chat alternative that solves the common issues of its peers. At the forefront is our webcam roulette, built for speed and stability. It successfully serves millions of live video chat connections for strangers daily.

With unprecedented amounts of people online, we face unique moderation challenges. Upholding the Joingy community guidelines and service agreement is therefore essential. Read our FAQs to learn about our commitment to content moderation.

Engineered for efficiency, the webcam roulette matches strangers instantly. With consistent updates, we leverage the latest tech for live 1-on-1 cam chat pairing. Our dedication to these core values plays a major role in making us a top choice among chat alternatives.

  • Anonymous and Private
  • Free Chat With Strangers
  • Meet New People Online
  • 1-on-1 Webcam Roulette
  • No Sign-Up or Registration
  • Random Video Chat Rooms
Random Chat With Strangers

An alternative way to talk to strangers online

Inherently safer by design, anonymous online video chat, totally free.

🌍 Adult Video Chat

On Joingy, you connect with adults from all around the world, each with a unique background and story to tell. Every random cam chat could be a chance to talk to a stranger who is not only friendly but also truly fascinating.

All users must be at least 18 years old to access or use any of our chat or media services. It is prohibited for any minor to appear on video, even if it’s by accident or in the background of your webcam.

🤝 Meet Random People

Got a quirky hobby? A random thought? Share it in our 1-on-1 video chat rooms! Joingy has the perfect online community for strangers with mutual interests to connect. Here, you can form meaningful bonds with people you may have never met otherwise.

Free webcam chat sites like ours can be a great platform for your sharing views and opinions. Engaging in these face-to-face chats often leads to interesting conversations and cultural exchanges. As a result, the people you meet can become good acquaintances or even spark new friendships.

🔒 Anonymous Chat

Looking for an anonymous video chat? Joingy can be your private spot for meeting people. Skip the texting and swiping of boring apps for singles. Dive into a random cam chat with a stranger instead. Open the interests box, type in a keyword for matching then let us pair you accordingly to a partner.

As you enjoy your anonymous chat interactions, always be respectful and considerate. Keep in mind that Joingy is not a dating site. We want to maintain a family-friendly environment, so please avoid having sexual conversations.

🏳‍🌈 LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

Hesitant to start a random video chat? You’ll fit right in! We structure the webcam roulette so that it’s inclusive by design. If you identify with the LGBTQ+ community, then our interest matching tool may be helpful.

As a matter of fact, some of the most active parts of Joingy are webcam chat rooms for gay, bi, and lesbian individuals. Just add your sexual orientation to your interests to connect with like-minded strangers.

Random Cam Chat

Need some help?

Check our frequently asked questions.

Yes, Joingy strictly upholds its Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. Our Trust and Safety team uses innovative strategies and technologies to do so.

Detection systems operate behind the scenes to prevent platform abuse. Working with these systems, our moderation team ensures a safer video chat community.

If you run into somebody breaking the chat rules, please report the conversation. To do this, press the “Flag Spam” button after you disconnect from a stranger chat room. By doing so, you send us a direct notification of a potentially malicious user for us to manually review. This not only helps us moderate Joingy but also adapt to new challenges in online chat safety.

Yes, a functioning webcam is necessary for the live video chat roulette to talk to people. If you don’t have one, you can still participate in the text-only section. At Joingy, we want to ensure that every match you have will be a face-to-face random cam chat.

Yes, open more tabs of Joingy in your web browser to talk in multiple 1-on-1 text chat rooms at the same time.

No registration or sign-up is required. Joingy has a foundation of instant video chatting, without the need for accounts.

Video connectivity can be tricky. Here are some troubleshooting options:

  1. Check that your webcam is connected and operational.
  2. Ensure you have granted the necessary camera and microphone permissions.
  3. Be aware that if a partner covers their camera, it may result in a black screen.
  4. Try refreshing your internet connection, or if you’re on mobile data, switch to a Wi-Fi network.
  5. You must use a web browser that supports WebRTC.

Still can’t connect? Instead of video, the text chat roulette remains available for all users.

For bug reports, feedback, or to notify us of any issues, please use our contact page to reach out to Joingy’s staff.